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'Traditional lucky' Horseshoe

'Traditional lucky' Horseshoe

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A beautiful personalised lucky horseshoe for you or your little one to hand to the bride on her special day.

A contemporary twist on the age old tradition of giving a horseshoe as a wedding gift bringing good luck, prosperity, happiness and fertility to the newly married couple.

The horseshoe is made from mdf and has been painted silver. Decorated with silver, sparkly brooches, flower resins and diamantes. Silver, satin bows have been added to give that extra finishing touch and matching silver, satin ribbon as a handle so it can be carried by the bride along with your bouquet.

According to tradition the bride should carry the horseshoe to the wedding and after the wedding it should be hung in the home which will bring good fortune during the marriage (common locations are in the hall way, above or on a door).

If you are wanting a specific colour then please add this into the notes when ordering as they can be painted any colour to match your theme and can be decorated with different embellishments. The ribbon also comes in a wide range of colours to match your theme.


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