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I Spy framed print

Are you looking for a little fun for your guests at your wedding but that will also benefit you too?

This I Spy game is perfect to capture those funny and precious moments that not be captured by your photographer. Place one of these on each table as a task for all guests to capture each photo throughout your day or you could have a larger print on your cake table or cards and gifts table for everyone to see.

The print can be more personalised to include the bride and groom name and wedding date or have different colours and designs introduced.

Personalised with a ribbon bow and flower attached to the frame to match your colour and theme.

You could even include information on where guests can send all the photos they capture maybe an email or a web address you have set up.

Please choose from the options whether you would like just the print or a framed print and what size you are looking for.

For further customisation please message me to discuss

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